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Logo design

If you are a start up business, professionalism is essential from the outset as it reflects on you and the products and services your company offers. Logos help establish your professionlism and corporate identity and can be used on all your business communications and, of course, your website.

How much does logo design cost?

Well we offer two levels of logo design services:

Logo design templates

This is the cheaper of our two options. We have a huge range of logo templates. You can choose one of these templates and adapt it to suit your needs. The cost for this servicestarts at £50.

Bespoke logo design

Alternatively, we can design you a bespoke logo which will be unique to your business. We will design three concept logos. You can choose one of these which will will then refine to your specification. The cost for this service is £150.

For both services we will ask you to fill in a questionaire which will help us establish an appropriate design for your logo.


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