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Text and photographs on your website

Displaying text on your website

It’s important to remember that displaying text on a screen is not the same as displaying text in a book. Large, dense blocks of text on a computer screen are difficult to read, so your text should be divided into short paragraphs and your web page should contain plenty of white space.

The choice of font is also important. The colour should contrast well with the background. Simple fonts such as Ariel and Verdana are easiest to read.

Your content should be succinct – focusing on the key points you want to make. For the purposes of being found by the search engines, you need to make sure that you include key words and phrases that people are likely to use to search for you or your book on the internet.

Can I have photographs on my author website?

Yes, of course. The best option is for you to provide us with jpg files of the photos you want to include. Typically, you might want a photo of your book’s cover and a photo of yourself for your author biography page. If you cannot provide the photos in digital format, we can scan your images for you, although there would be an extra cost for this service. If you do not have appropriate photos, we can source them for you.